New Indie Band Buffalo Jack & The Parlor Snakes Have Two Stars Playing

I’ve done more research on this group. They aren’t even in The Indie site yet, but boast hot rockabilly lead guitarist Jim Duckworth who was in the cool band Panther Burns (with Falco) and the 80s punkabilly blues underground LA band The Gun Club. The other star is famous pedal steel player Bobby Black who was is Commander Cody and His Lost Air Men (remember Hot Rod Lincoln?) which was big for their stoner country rock, along side The Flying Burrito Brothers (another great group).

Buffalo Jack’s singer is none other that Patrick Coleman who I think is currently part of PC & The Angels of Death (stoner country rock). I intend to look into them more too.

Here is the website I found on ultra cool underground rockabilly band Buffalo Jack & The Parlor Snakes.

I’ve now heard two songs through some secret connections by these guys (I know, I tend to get obsessive about good music) and I promise to leak one in a couple days.

In the meantime, hear is my initial review on what I know and have heard:

Patrick Coleman, a member of PC & The Angels of Death, got together with Stardust Cowboy Bobby Black and Jim Duckworth to make an album long planned by Trygve Has-Ellison that is destined to haunt music history. A strange blend of Johnny Cash, Elvis, and swampabilly with a very hot 1950s production has come to life as Buffalo Jack and The Parlor Snakes.

Yes, my connection (I wiggled my way into) is Trygve Has-Ellison, who is in the group too. I gave him my review and now they’re using it! I love this job.

Stay tuned for some leaked songs.

One thought on “New Indie Band Buffalo Jack & The Parlor Snakes Have Two Stars Playing

  1. MusicPULP says:

    interesting post, will definitely be checking them out!
    check out for more indie bands if you’re interested!

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