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Spacial Fray

The answer, undoubtedly, is yes.

I have had this argument with my boyfriend a few times, and he just can’t come to accept it. It’s not fair, he said, to compare the music industry as we know it today to the music of the past, because we see all the bad music around us today whereas bad music of past decades has faded out of history and we don’t even know about it today.

This is a good point. However, if you take a cross section of the most popular songs of each decade, you can see from the top five hits of each year how the trend is really going. Take this list for example. It begins in 1946. We have jazz standards, some silly pop songs. Then we move to The Beatles, who, let’s be honest, were some of the finest pop music of the century. In the…

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  1. Michael Barker says:

    Has music gotten worse in the last 50 years? No it hasnt gotten worse. How can you prove that it hasnt? Music is a matter of personal preference, what might be good to you is terrible for someone else. So lets use the top 100 list, in the last 50 years have bands and music groups failed to make the top 10? In other words musicians have not stopped producing “hits”. Unless you could prove that there was a dramatic decline in record sales of those “hits” from yesterday as compared with today, then you have no argument. Did Bach and Mozart write better music than Charlie Parker? Some may argue that he did and some may say otherwise. As I pointed out before music is a matter of taste and opinion.

  2. I understand your point, but concerning rock/pop music and all of it’s off-branches, The best stuff is in the underground, where there is still experimentation and hard work by people who are paid nothing but their own integrity. My short answer is: if it’s on the radio, it usually stinks. And record companies, let’s not even go there. They only want to replicate the same formula that has been working for mostly age 12 and under. Does anyone else see this too?

  3. This is an interesting debate. With technology a person can “record” a song with no musical training/education at all. Its as easy as finding the music online and adding your own words. But I do believe that there is a place for this. Sometimes, its nice to have something playing in the background that you don’t have to put much thought into but enjoy…like a guilty pleasure, Other times, you want something to really listen too and allow for the music and the whole experience to transport you.

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